Every two years our need for digital storage will double. Cloud storage is more prevalent and makes us dispossess our immaterial goods while threatening the environment with datacenters that need a great energy to be cooled. ZO (zegaoctects) is a NAS personal server, with a capacity of 12 terabytes, a sufficient value to archive data that we want to keep for our entire life. Its sculptural aspect, almost like a totem, restores values to what it contains. It will be present and affirmed in the home rather than hidden. At first the object is inert because it is empty. The more data is inserted, the more the object will increase and change it’s geometry, in the order of 0.5 mm every 5 gigas entering. The industrial process is an Electrical discharge machining and allows a fine cut of 0.3 millimeters making play between the pieces invisible.

4 months Oct / Dec 2018           

“Manifest Product“ assisted by Jean-Francois Dingjian

1. Fan

2. Aluminium cutted by EDM 

3.  Fin

4. Eccentric cam system

5. Micro clutch

6. Hard disks

7. Electronics board

8. Stepper motor

An exemple of a piece cutted by Electrical discharge machining. More informations here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_discharge_machining

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