Pure is a new way of conceptualizing the method of sampling a perfume as well as the experience of discovering its fragrance. It is a scented dewdrop, embodying the perfume's essence and symbolising purity. Pure can be suspended on devices present in stores as well as during events. The user, curious and surprised, approaches the dewdrop installation, detaches a drop, feels it on their skin and in the process releases its fragrance onto it. A small bottle has been designed to cherish this drop and share it before it evaporates in 24 hours. This drop is the product of a mixture of sodium, calcium and water which creates a thin membrane that contains the perfume.

2 months May / Jun 2017           

“New Olfactory Experience“ assisted by Laurent Massaloux
and Romain Cuvellier. Partnership with Shiseido.

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Paris, France.